Maintenance Plan

Website maintenance explained:
Web development does not end with website establishment. If left without proper attention, a website would pile up with bugs, outdated information, security breaches and irrelevant data.
If this happens be ready for a costly disaster.
Prevention is better than cure.

Plugins and Themes

One of the reasons for a slow website speed and load time is redundant plugins and themes. Apart from taking up a lot of database space, these outdated plugins and themes can also compromise your site’s security.

As such, it is crucial that you update all WordPress plugins and themes on your website frequently or delete them entirely if no longer useful, but be careful, updating plugins might brake your website, always make backups.

Website Security

Hacking, malware and spam have become a common problem across the internet. To ensure that you don’t fall prey to these malicious threats, it is important to scan your site and fix any security loopholes immediately.


One of the major website maintenance tasks that need to be done on a regular basis, taking your site’s backup will ensure that all your hard-work is safe and secure in the event your site crashes or is hacked.

Performance & Optimisation

Up-optimized images and media files are another major reason for sluggish website speed. Optimizing your site’s images is important in order to improve site performance.

Trash and junk media files take a lot of your website storage space. This affects your site’s performance and load time.

There are many other factors that affect performance of your site.